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welcome to indianbuddylive, on our gold price today page. here you can find today's gold price and  graph's to represent up and down's of previous  day's gold price. each city of India's gold rate today listed below in a table.

  • 10g of 24K gold is 45,790 Rs.
  • 10g of 22K gold is 43,830 Rs.

24k(1 gram) gold price in India graph
22k(1 gram) gold price in India graph

Gold price today in different cities of India

Gold rate today (11-04-2021) in different cities of india
CityStandard Gold (22 K)Pure Gold (24 K)
1 gram10 gram1 gram10 gram
AGRA₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
AHMEDA BAD₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
ALI GARH₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
ALLAHA BAD₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
AMBALA₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
AMRA VATI₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
AURAN GABAD₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
BANGA LORE₹ 4,558₹ 45,580₹ 4,620₹ 46,200
BHOPAL₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
BHUBAN ESHWAR₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
CHANDI GARH₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
CHENNAI₹ 4,431₹ 44,310₹ 4,533₹ 45,330
COIMBA TORE₹ 4,431₹ 44,310₹ 4,533₹ 45,330
DEHRA DUN₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
FARIDA BAD₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
GHAZIA BAD₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
GUR GAON₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
GUWA HATI₹ 4,554₹ 45,540₹ 4,460₹ 44,600
HISAR₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
HYDERA BAD₹ 4,431₹ 44,310₹ 4,533₹ 45,330
INDORE₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
JABAL PUR₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
JAIPUR₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
JAMMU₹ 4,514₹ 45,140₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
JAM NAGAR₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
JAMSHE DPUR₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
JODH PUR₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
KAKI NADA₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
KANPUR₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
KOCHI₹ 4,628₹ 46,280₹ 4,790₹ 47,900
KOLHA PUR₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
KOL KATA₹ 4,409₹ 44,090₹ 4,602₹ 46,020
KOTA₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
LUCK NOW₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
LUDHI ANA₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
MADU RAI₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
MALAP PURAM₹ 4,628₹ 46,280₹ 4,790₹ 47,900
MANGA LORE₹ 4,519₹ 45,190₹ 4,671₹ 46,710
MEERUT₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
MUMBAI₹ 4,409₹ 44,090₹ 4,602₹ 46,020
MYSORE₹ 4,519₹ 45,190₹ 4,671₹ 46,710
NAGPUR₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
NASIK₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
NELL ORE₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
NEW DELHI₹ 4,409₹ 44,090₹ 4,602₹ 46,020
NOIDA₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
PATNA₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
PONDI CHERRY₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
PUNE₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
RAIPUR₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
RAJAH MUNDRY₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
RAJKOT₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
RANCHI₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
RATLAM₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
SHIMLA₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
SRI NAGAR₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
SURAT₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
THANE₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
THAN JAVUR₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
THIRU VANAN THAPU RAM₹ 4,633₹ 46,330₹ 4,616₹ 46,160
THOOTH UKUDI₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
TIRUCH IRAPAL LI₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
TIRUNE LVELI₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
UDAI PUR₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
VADO DARA₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
VARA NASI₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
VIJAYA WADA₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
VISAKHA PATNAM₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520
WARAN GAL₹ 4,401₹ 44,010₹ 4,552₹ 45,520

Gold price today overview:-

First of all, let me tell you that the purpose of this page is to tell you the true and pure price of gold.

Apart from this, give correct information about how much the gold price has fluctuated.

The most notable thing is that gold is shining in India. Gold is vivid. Gold jewelery is the first choice of the women of India.

As a result, the price of gold in India and the world is constantly increasing.

Above all, gold is seen as one of the most valuable metals in the entire world.For this reason, people store gold as property and use it when the time comes.

Certainly, for this reason there is an increase in the price of gold.


gold price today

How we calculate today's gold price  ?

To calculate each cities today's gold price we are monitoring tax rates, expenses etc.

We are trying our best to provide latest and accurate today's gold rate, but as human being their may be chances of mistakes, so if you have any query or question you can freely contact us.

*Disclaimer :- indianbuddylive makes no assurance or guarantee on the exactness of the information gave on this site, the overarching rates are defenseless to change with Market esteem and gave on an as-is premise.

Nothing contained in this is expected or will be considered to be venture guidance, inferred or something else. We acknowledge no obligation for any misfortune emerging from the utilization of the information contained on this site.

gold price In India

The rate of gold changes regularly almost every day in India, with various elements influencing their costs in a given day.

India imports gold from different countries, similarly every country has its own rules and laws. As a result, different types of taxes are levied on gold exports by other countries. Similarly, due to increase in the prices of transportation i. e. petrol, diesel etc., gold prices also increase.

And of course, gold prices are also reduced due to their low prices. Similarly, there are many reasons due to which the price of gold keeps increasing or decreasing.

On top of this, the price of gold increases considerably as you come from the international market to the local market.

measurements of Gold:

Gold is measured in grams and troy weight. (Grams, Kilograms, Tons, Small Tons, Metric Tons, Tola, Troy Ounces, Million Ounces) etc.
Almost Tola and Gram are used more in the local markets of India.


gold price today

What is the Difference Between Carat and Karat  in gold?

Carat - It is a unit of weight used to measure precious gems, for example, precious stones similar to gold.

200 milligrams or 0.2 grams make one metric carat. Carats are defined with ct. Carats are regularly mixed to indicate size.

Karat - It is a unit of purity or virtue that is used to measure gold. 24 carat gold is called pure gold. The beauty represents the golden parts per thousand.

At this point when gold is mixed with any other metal the purity is weakened.

The impurity of gold is tested on the basis of 24 pieces of gold, how many pieces of gold are there and how many pieces of other metal are there.

For example 22 carat gold (mixed with copper) would be 22 volumes gold and 2 volumes copper.
Pure gold is very fragile, so another metal, commonly alloyed with copper, is used to achieve the structure. Karat is wirtten as  kt.

Components Affecting Gold rate

Gold is a beautiful and expensive metal. Gold exchange is a preferred venture method of speculators, who are very clever and pose a great risk to such a market.
The bookmaker monitors the state of the market and follows the figures and buys and sells gold.

As a result, he makes very good profits.
Maintaining or closing this market position depends on how well a speculator can follow, break down and incorporate pricing data.
Finally, let's see which things affect the price of gold.


In India, gold is purchased more during ceremonies, relationships and various favorable events.

As a result, the demand for gold increases, of course, due to which the price of gold increases considerably.

Creation costs:

Obviously, the more expensive the gold is, the more the cost of making jewelry from it.
Mining organizations now and again increase costs based on construction costs. This is reflected in the cost of imported gold in India.

Universal costs:

As a rule, when gold rates are on an upward pattern, all around, gold costs in India additionally move upwards.

Worldwide monetary dependability:

Mostly, in times of financial instability, gold costs rise because gold is seen as a more secure resource.

In other words, gold is considered safer than other properties. As a result, most people will exchange their cash with gold and run out of hazardous resources.

Various resources are at risk of being thoroughly debated, above all it is the high liquidity of gold that, in any event, maintains respect in times of emergency.

Quality of the US dollar:

When the US dollar debits, gold rates in India rise. And when the US dollar strengthens, the price of gold in India falls.

India buys its gold from distant countries and when the US dollar is stronger against the Indian rupee, it acquires gold (usually done in USD).  resulting in gold becoming increasingly expensive.

Import costs:

Since the demand is met mainly by import of gold. Hence import cost affects the rate of gold in India.

For example, when gold comes from outside, the cost of transportation is also added to the price of gold to bring it to India.

Therefore, the higher the import cost, the higher the cost of gold.

The cost of universal gold is affected more than the fixed cost on the London Gold Market, for example twice per day at 10:30 am, once at 3 pm.

Why Gold price is fluctuate from city to city in India ?

Gold rates fluctuate across various urban communities in India. Key purposes behind this are:

Local associations:

Cities have their own nearby gold affiliations which have a state in setting the costs. This will likewise represent contrasts in gold costs between urban communities.


Gold is consumed heavily in India. As a result, demand in India remains. But it is never stable. Because the demand for gold during festivals in India increases and it does not happen on normal days.

Gold is mostly used to make jewelry and ornaments. India is a country where there is less demand for gold. As a result, gold prices are more or less stable.


The tax on gold is different in every state of India. And this tax adds to the gold price. As a result, some states have higher gold rates, some states have lower gold rates.

This is one reason why some urban communities have more expensive gold than others.


The way India imports its gold also has an impact on the price of gold. Whether it imports by sea route or through road.

Links are preparing for gold price today of each cities of India


Gold rate in India
Gold price in AGRA
Gold price in AHMEDABAD
Gold price in ALIGARH
Gold price in ALLAHABAD
Gold price in AMBALA
Gold price in AMRAVATI
Gold price in AURANGABAD
Gold price in BANGALORE
Gold price in BHOPAL
Gold price in BHUBANESHWAR
Gold price in CHANDIGARH
Gold price in CHENNAI
Gold price in COIMBATORE
Gold price in DEHRADUN
Gold price in FARIDABAD
Gold price in GHAZIABAD
Gold price in GURGAON
Gold price in GUWAHATI
Gold price in HISAR
Gold price HYDERABAD
Gold price in INDORE
Gold price in JABALPUR
Gold price in JAIPUR
Gold price in JAMMU
Gold price in JAMNAGAR
Gold price in JAMSHEDPUR
Gold price in JODHPUR
Gold price in KAKINADA
Gold price in KANPUR
Gold price in KOCHI
Gold price in KOLHAPUR
Gold price in KOLKATA
Gold price in KOTA
Gold price in LUCKNOW
Gold price in LUDHIANA
Gold price in MADURAI
Gold price in MALAPPURAM
Gold price in MANGALORE
Gold price in MEERUT
Gold price in MUMBAI
Gold price in MYSORE
Gold price in NASIK
Gold price in NELLORE
Gold price in NEW DELHI
Gold price in NOIDA
Gold price in PATNA
Gold price in PONDICHERRY
Gold price in PUNE
Gold price in RAIPUR
Gold price in RAJAHMUNDRY
Gold price in RAJKOT
Gold price in RANCHI
Gold price in RATLAM
Gold price in SHIMLA
Gold price in SRINAGAR
Gold price in SURAT
Gold price in THANE
Gold price in THANJAVUR
Gold price in THOOTHUKUDI
Gold price in TIRUNELVELI
Gold price in UDAIPUR
Gold price in VADODARA
Gold price in VARANASI
Gold price in VIJAYAWADA
Gold price in WARANGAL



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