Silver price

Our silver price today page will show you today’s silver price. Below a graph is added to display price differences in last 12 days in India.

Silver prices of most of the cities of India are added in the table below. you can find your cities today’s silver rate in the table. each city’s silver price is calculated on the basis of tax, expenses, transportation etc.

  • 1 gram of Silver is 66.18 Rs.
  • 10 gram of Silver is 661.8 Rs.
  • 1 kg of Silver is 66,180 Rs.

1 gram Silver Price in India graph


Silver price today in different cities of India

Silver rate 11-04-2021 in different cities of india
City1 gram10 gram1 kg
AGRA₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
AHMEDA BAD₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
ALI GARH₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
ALLAHA BAD₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
AMBALA₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
AMRA VATI₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
AURAN GABAD₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
BANGA LORE₹ 68.83₹ 688.3₹ 68,830
BHOPAL₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
BHUBAN ESHWAR₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
CHANDI GARH₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
CHENNAI₹ 66.91₹ 669.1₹ 66,910
COIMBA TORE₹ 66.91₹ 669.1₹ 66,910
DEHRA DUN₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
FARIDA BAD₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
GHAZIA BAD₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
GUR GAON₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
GUWA HATI₹ 68.76₹ 687.6₹ 68,760
HISAR₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
HYDERA BAD₹ 66.91₹ 669.1₹ 66,910
INDORE₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
JABAL PUR₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
JAIPUR₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
JAMMU₹ 68.17₹ 681.7₹ 68,170
JAM NAGAR₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
JAMSHE DPUR₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
JODH PUR₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
KAKI NADA₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
KANPUR₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
KOCHI₹ 69.89₹ 698.9₹ 69,890
KOLHA PUR₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
KOL KATA₹ 66.58₹ 665.8₹ 66,580
KOTA₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
LUCK NOW₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
LUDHI ANA₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
MADU RAI₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
MALAP PURAM₹ 69.89₹ 698.9₹ 69,890
MANGA LORE₹ 68.23₹ 682.3₹ 68,230
MEERUT₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
MUMBAI₹ 66.58₹ 665.8₹ 66,580
MYSORE₹ 68.23₹ 682.3₹ 68,230
NAGPUR₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
NASIK₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
NELL ORE₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
NEW DELHI₹ 66.58₹ 665.8₹ 66,580
NOIDA₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
PATNA₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
PONDI CHERRY₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
PUNE₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
RAIPUR₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
RAJAH MUNDRY₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
RAJKOT₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
RANCHI₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
RATLAM₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
SHIMLA₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
SRI NAGAR₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
SURAT₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
THANE₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
THAN JAVUR₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
THIRU VANAN THAPU RAM₹ 69.95₹ 699.5₹ 69,950
THOOTH UKUDI₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
TIRUCH IRAPAL LI₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
TIRUNE LVELI₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
UDAI PUR₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
VADO DARA₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
VARA NASI₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
VIJAYA WADA₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
VISAKHA PATNAM₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440
WARAN GAL₹ 66.44₹ 664.4₹ 66,440


Silver price in India

India is a country in which jewellery made of gold and silver is preferred by Indian women. Apart from this, men also like to wear silver bracelets or chains.

Therefore, there is a huge demand for gold and silver in India. The price of silver in India is directly influenced by the worldwide choice and flexible positioning of the product.

Silver rates in India today are controlled by worldwide costs, which affect either.

It then depends on the cash growth of the rupee against the dollar. Silver becomes increasingly expensive due to the depreciation of the rupee against the dollar and the remaining global stability.

silver price

Effect of gold price on silver price

India’s Silver interest is for the most part for gems and Silverware. The expanding mechanical development would bring about a higher measure of use for the metal.

Today the price of silver  dependent on different elements. The purchasing, selling, creation, and request are the elements that influence the Silver evaluating in India every day.

Today, interest in silver is increasing in India. The ever-increasing cost of gold gives rise to the thinking of financial experts regarding silver.

With the increase in the price of gold, the price of silver also increases.

Indians are very interested in gems and silver utensils. Like Indian women, Indian men also like to wear silver jewelery.

Today’s silver rate depends on various elements. Purchase, sale, manufacture and request are the elements that affect the silver rate every day in India.

Factors affecting Silver price today in India

There are many factors that affect the price of silver in India. There are many factors which increase the price of silver from international market to local market.

Above all, when India imports silver. At that time, the rules and laws of other countries, their tax and transportation expenses etc. affect the rate of silver.

The most important fact is that silver rates have exhibited steady growth during the recent two to three decades.

Modern interest:

Previously, where only women wore silver jewelery, now men too have started liking silver jewelery. Therefore, the demand for silver has increased.

As the silver jewellery with beautiful designs started coming in the market. The interest of people is increasing towards them.

Gold costs:

The way the price of gold rises, in the same way the price of silver also increases. Similarly, any decrese in the price leads to further decline in the cost of silver.

The cost of silver follows the gold up / down descending pattern. In the event that a spike is popular for the early rise in gold in its value, silver will go with the same pattern.

Oil costs:

Silver mining is a process of collecting silver. thus the cost of silver is related to the cost of oil  as oil is required for mining and for driving the vehicle.
Similarly, silver requires transportation to import, and oil is needed for transportation.

As a result, fluctuating oil costs lead to dynamic costs of both gold and silver.

Enormous financial specialists:

The silver market is very complex compared to the gold market. All things considered, heavy financial experts or traders, can affect the cost of silver.

At one point, in 1997, on the off time chance that Warren Buffet purchased 130 million troy ounces of silver at $ 4.50 / ounce, affecting market costs.

US Dollar variance:

Silver costs are contrarily influenced by the USD Index.

This implies a reinforcing USD can diminish silver rates in India, while a debilitating Dollar signals expanding silver costs.

Import obligations:

As silver is basically imported in India, silver rates are straightforwardly influenced by the import obligation relevant on imports.

A higher import obligation means higher silver costs in India.

Exchange shortfalls:

The higher the measure of imported products, the greater will be the decrease in the nation’s exchange.

As exchange shortages build, the legislature may struggle to find a way to control the import of goods, for example, it did in recent years to gain control over gold imports.

Silver Demand in India

India is one of the main 5 silver customers on the planet. Silver has the duality of being a valuable metal as a mechanical metal.

About 60% of silver used in India is from the country’s population who see it as a strong investment fund product.

India does not manufacture silver in a vast range and most of the silver is imported from outside the country.

In addition, silver interest has increased in important developing economies such as India and China over the past few years.

Early enterprises, for example, preferred medicine, production and then silver. And this could mean higher levels of imports over a longer period of time.

silver price

Silver Measurements

mainly, Silver is measured in grams and troy weight. also, Silver can sell gram, kilogram, ton, short ton, metric ton, tola, troy ounce, million ounce and so on.

Why is Silver rate in India is Cheaper then gold ?

The disparity in demand for silver and gold creates the highest price differential between the two metals.

As a result, one of the essential reasons for making silver less expensive is its low choice worldwide.

Know that silver (like every other metal) works flexibly. More demand means higher silver and other ways around.

The abnormality of silver makes it an important component and, unlike gold, it is less expensive.

Investment in Silver in India?

You can make an investment in silver in India on the basis of following reasons:

Gracefully and Demand –

In our nation, silver has a developing interest. As the interest rises, the accessibility of silver drops.

Later on, it will be hard to buy silver and the silver rates may drive up the confined gracefully. It would put long haul speculators in a solid budgetary position.

Simple Storage –

Silver is anything but difficult to store in contrast with gold. Different e-silver items that can be exchanged are accessible on the NSEL.

It lets individuals make an interest in silver and they don’t need to stress over its stockpiling.

Man’s Gold –

Silver is viewed as a typical man’s gold. Purchasing silver is simpler when contrasted with purchasing gold.


Interest in silver –

In India, silver has a really decent interest. This interest is produced by the adornments area just as the modern part.

No Bank Accounts –

In our nation, a genuinely enormous number of populace is curious about with the way toward banking/tax assessment.

It’s hard for individuals to make an interest in an assortment of alternatives. Silver is probably the best choice to contribute for them.

Production of silver in India

The creation of silver in India isn’t sufficient to fulfill the developing household need. India is in twentieth spot in the rundown of silver delivering nations.

Rajasthan, Gujarat, Jharkhand are the three significant silver creating states in India.

The significant bringing in focus of silver in India was Mumbai however now Ahmedabad and Jaipur are likewise in the rundown.

India isn’t delivering that a lot silver however that isn’t influencing India’s place in the biggest buyer nations of silver on the planet.

In the utilization of silver India stands third in world. The United States and Japan are the main buyers of silver on the planet.

India imports silver from nations like European Union, United Kingdom, China, Australia, and Dubai. Over half portion of import of silver in India is heldby Chinese silver.

Links are preparing for Silver price today of each cities of India


Silver rate in India
Silver price in AGRA
Silver price in AHMEDABAD
Silver price in ALIGARH
Silver price in ALLAHABAD
Silver price in AMBALA
Silver price in AMRAVATI
Silver price in AURANGABAD
Silver price in BANGALORE
Silver price in BHOPAL
Silver price in BHUBANESHWAR
Silver price in CHANDIGARH
Silver price in CHENNAI
Silver price in COIMBATORE
Silver price in DEHRADUN
Silver price in FARIDABAD
Silver price in GHAZIABAD
Silver price in GURGAON
Silver price in GUWAHATI
Silver price in HISAR
Silver price HYDERABAD
Silver price in INDORE
Silver price in JABALPUR
Silver price in JAIPUR
Silver price in JAMMU
Silver price in JAMNAGAR
Silver price in JAMSHEDPUR
Silver price in JODHPUR
Silver price in KAKINADA
Silver price in KANPUR
Silver price in KOCHI
Silver price in KOLHAPUR
Silver price in KOLKATA
Silver price in KOTA
Silver price in LUCKNOW
Silver price in LUDHIANA
Silver price in MADURAI
Silver price in MALAPPURAM
Silver price in MANGALORE
Silver price in MEERUT
Silver price in MUMBAI
Silver price in MYSORE
Silver price in NASIK
Silver price in NELLORE
Silver price in NEW DELHI
Silver price in NOIDA
Silver price in PATNA
Silver price in PONDICHERRY
Silver price in PUNE
Silver price in RAIPUR
Silver price in RAJAHMUNDRY
Silver price in RAJKOT
Silver price in RANCHI
Silver price in RATLAM
Silver price in SHIMLA
Silver price in SRINAGAR
Silver price in SURAT
Silver price in THANE
Silver price in THANJAVUR
Silver price in THOOTHUKUDI
Silver price in TIRUCHIRAPALLI
Silver price in TIRUNELVELI
Silver price in UDAIPUR
Silver price in VADODARA
Silver price in VARANASI
Silver price in VIJAYAWADA
Silver price in VISAKHAPATNAM
Silver price in WARANGAL



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In conclusion, i must say that in India Siver is in very high demand. The silver price fluctuation is happend on daily basis, and we are trying provide you updated silver price

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